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WinRAR 5.3 Beta 1 Corporate

Hello Friends,

Today Rarlab has just released the latest beta of version 5.3 beta 1 to the public. This time they have finally added and support 7zip extension. (001,002,003,00x and 7zx one)

So I have removed some part of my tweak, not to complicate things.

Here are the full changelog and download

Version 5.30 beta 1

   1. Added extraction of multipart ZIP archives created by 7-Zip.
      Such archives have .zip.001, .zip.002, ... file extensions.
      You need to open .zip.001 file in WinRAR shell to browse 
      or unpack such archive. All parts must be stored in the same folder
      before starting extraction.

   2. Added extraction of files split to multiple parts with .001,
      .002, ..., extensions. You can open .001 file as a usual archive
      and then unpack its contents. WinRAR will combine all parts
      and save them to extracted file. All parts must be stored
      in the same folder before starting extraction.

      "001" item is included to "Associate WinRAR with" list
      in "Settings/Integration" dialog.
   3. WinRAR file list allows to use mouse Back and Forward buttons
      or Alt+Left and Alt+Right keyboard shortcuts to navigate
      in recently visited folders.

   4. Folder wildcards are allowed in RAR command line in file names to
      archive. For example:

      rar a backup c:\backup15*\*

      Recursion is enabled automatically for such folder wildcards
      even if -r switch is not specified.

   5. "Extract" button in SFX archive is changed to "Pause" when extraction
      is started, so it is possible to pause SFX extraction and resume it

   6. "Skip encrypted" option in "Find files" dialog to silently skip
      encrypted archives while performing search command.
   7. Archive test command works for tar.gz, tar.bz2 and tar.xz archives.
      Since TAR format does not provide file data checksums, WinRAR checks
      only validity of GZIP, BZIP2 or XZ container.
   8. Adding a new string to WinRAR diagnostic messages window could be
      slow and affect the operation performance in case of thousands
      of errors. Now it works fast regardless of errors number.

   9. New 'R' object for -sc switch defines encoding of console
      RAR messages sent to redirected files and pipes. For example:

      rar lb -scur data > list.txt

      will produce Unicode list.txt with archived file names.

  10. Sleep time parameter in -ri<priority>[:<sleep_time>] switch is
      adjusted to lower its impact to RAR performance and especially
      to recovery record related operations. Higher sleep time values
      are needed to reduce the system load to same level as
      in previous versions.

  11. Console RAR "l" and "v" commands display file time in YYYY-MM-DD

  12. When extracting RAR and ZIP archives created in Unix, WinRAR maps
      decomposed Unicode characters to precomposed. Such conversion
      is required for some Unix and OS X archives to correctly unpack
      non-English archived names in Windows. It works for Windows versions
      starting from Windows Vista.

  13. Modification time is set for all folders created when unpacking
      .7z archives. Previous versions set it only for non-empty folders.

  14. WinRAR prevents a computer to go to sleep by inactivity timeout
      until current operation, such as archiving, extraction or another
      archive processing, is done.

  15. Total progress bar is displayed when extracting .arj, .lzh and .cab
      archives (except multivolume archives).

  16. Progress bar is displayed when deleting files after archiving
      and when clearing "Archive" attribute of archived files.

  17. "Test" command also verifies contents of NTFS alternate data streams
      in RAR 3.x - 5.x archives. Previously their contents was checked
      only during extraction command.

  18. Bugs fixed:

      a) console RAR crashed instead of displaying an overwrite prompt
         when attempting to add files to already existing volumes;

      b) console RAR "lt" command did not display seconds in file timestamp;

      c) WinRAR failed to decompress .xxe files if they did not include
         "section N of xxencode" string in the body;

      d) RAR could not restore contents of NTFS alternate data stream
         saved with -os switch if it was split between different volumes.

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WinRAR 5.21 Final Corporate

Hello Guys!

Enjoy the latest FINAL build from WINRAR!

 WinRAR - What's new in the latest version

   Version 5.21

   1. "Drag and drop context menu" options in "Settings/Integration/
      Context menu items" dialog allow to disable WinRAR archiving
      and extraction commands in context menu displayed after dragging
      and dropping files with right mouse button.

   2. If winrar.ini file is present in the same folder as WinRAR installer,
      winrar.ini will be copied to WinRAR program folder after completing

   3. While previous versions could produce RAR5 volumes of slightly
      smaller than requested size sometimes, such situation is less
      likely now. In most cases volume size equals to specified by user.

   4. Now by default WinRAR skips symbolic links with absolute paths
      in link target when extracting. You can enable creating such links
      with "Allow absolute paths in symbolic links" option on "Advanced"
      page of extraction dialog or with -ola command line switch.

      Such links pointing to folders outside of extraction destination
      folder can present a security risk. Enable their extraction only
      if you are sure that archive contents is safe, such as your own backup.
   5. Bugs fixed:

      a) WinRAR 5.20 issued unnecessary user account control (UAC) prompt,
         when running an executable from archive stored in UAC protected
         folder. Since nothing is extracted to folder containing an archive
         in such case, UAC prompt is not needed;

      b) WinRAR could overwrite files with read-only attribute only
         when unpacking RAR and ZIP archive formats. Now it is also
         implemented for other archive formats supported by WinRAR;

      c) "Elapsed time" and "Time left" were displayed incorrectly
         when applying "Convert" command to multiple archives
         and enabling "Add recovery record" option.

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WinRAR 5.11 Final Corporate

Dear All,

I’m proud to announce the latest release of WinRAR 5.11 Final corporate version to you all.

Please see the changelog below:

Version 5.11

1. WinRAR can unpack TAR archives containing folders with pax
extended headers. Previous versions failed to unpack them.

2. “Keep broken files” extraction option is supported for 7-Zip archives.

3. Bugs fixed:

a) WinRAR 5.10 did not set “hidden”, “read-only” and “system”
file attributes when unpacking ZIP archives;

b) WinRAR 5.10 failed to update self-extracting RAR archives
containing nested ZIP archives stored without compression;

c) ZIP archive created with “Do not store paths” option
included unnecessary empty name records for folders;

d) archived files could have 1 hour modification time error
in Windows XP;

e) deleting a file in RAR5 solid archive containing files stored
with -ver switch caused such files to lose version information;

f) black rectangles were displayed instead of toolbar buttons
in 16- and 24- bit screen color modes and Windows custom text size
larger than 100%.


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WinRAR 5.1 Final Corporate

Dear All,

I’m proud to announce the latest release of WinRAR 5.10 Final corporate version to you all.

Please see the changelog below:

  WinRAR - What's new in the latest version

   Version 5.10

   1. Added extraction support for ZIP and ZIPX archives using
      BZIP2, LZMA and PPMd compression.

   2. Added extraction support for 7z split archives
      (.7z.001, .7z.002, ...).

   3. Added support for AES-NI CPU instructions allowing to improve
      RAR encryption and decryption performance.

   4. Default theme images are scaled up with better quality
      in high DPI display mode.

   5. Environment variables, such as %temp%, can be used
      in "Files to add" field of archiving dialog.

   6. Switch -ai can be used when creating RAR archive,
      so predefined values, typical for file and folder,
      are stored instead of actual attributes.
      Previously this switch could be used only when extracting.

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